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class CMAEvolutionStrategyResult(collections.namedtuple('CMAEvolutionStrategyResult', ['xbest', 'fbest', 'evals_best', 'evaluations', 'iterations', 'xfavorite', 'stds', 'stop'])):

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A results tuple from CMAEvolutionStrategy property result.

This tuple contains in the given position and as attribute

  • 0 xbest best solution evaluated
  • 1 fbest objective function value of best solution
  • 2 evals_best evaluation count when xbest was evaluated
  • 3 evaluations evaluations overall done
  • 4 iterations
  • 5 xfavorite distribution mean in "phenotype" space, to be considered as current best estimate of the optimum
  • 6 stds effective standard deviations, can be used to compute a lower bound on the expected coordinate-wise distance to the true optimum, which is (very) approximately stds[i] * dimension**0.5 / min(mueff, dimension) / 1.5 / 5 ~ std_i * dimension**0.5 / min(popsize / 2, dimension) / 5, where dimension = CMAEvolutionStrategy.N and mueff = CMAEvolutionStrategy.sp.weights.mueff ~ 0.3 * popsize.
  • 7 stop termination conditions in a dictionary

The penalized best solution of the last completed iteration can be accessed via attribute pop_sorted[0] of CMAEvolutionStrategy and the respective objective function value via[0].


  • This class is of purely declarative nature and for providing this docstring. It does not provide any further functionality.
  • list( is the index of the first sampled solution of the last completed iteration in pop_sorted.